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  • A wild first week in Tassie

    A wild first week in Tassie

    A week ago I moved to Hobart, or nipaluna as it is known in palawa kani, the language of the First Nation’s people of lutruwita, Tasmania. It was a pleasantly sunny Saturday afternoon as I got off the airport bus by Constitution Dock. The brightly coloured fishing boats bobbed gently on the water, tourists filled…

  • Goodbye blue shorts, and thank you for your service

    Goodbye blue shorts, and thank you for your service

    A couple of weeks ago, on a camping trip, I was climbing down from the roof of the car, having replaced the gas bottle in its holder on the roof rack. As I reached my foot down to the rear bumper, I heard a ripping sound from near my left knee. Once safely on the…

  • An argument for the solo adventure

    An argument for the solo adventure

    Don’t get me wrong, I love adventuring with mates. Hanging out in the bush with your best pals makes for seriously good times. Whether you are walking, biking or running to your destination, whether its breakfast or time to set camp, banter is flying, jokes are being made, laughter is your constant companion. Friends have…

  • Ode to Poirot

    Ode to Poirot

    On Saturday we made it back to the UK after a 4000km road trip through Europe. Our faithful steed throughout that time was Poirot – a 2008 2 door Ford Ka kindly leant to us by family. He was flawless the entire trip, valiantly climbing up to ski towns in the Alps, winding his way…

  • The surprising joy of getting lost

    The surprising joy of getting lost

    Sometimes you just have to choose the less sensible option

  • Travel and the Big Picture

    Travel and the Big Picture

    I find when I am living my Regular Life, my mind is full of a constant barrage of Regular Life Thoughts. Stuff I need to do today at work, what groceries I need to swing by the shop on the way home for, what am I getting my sisters for Christmas, who can I convince…

  • Introducing Whit in the Wild

    Introducing Whit in the Wild

    Welcome! My name is Issy Whitaker and I am a back of the pack trail runner, pretty ok mountain biker and expert at picking up new hobbies (current count is at 11). I love spending time outside, whether on a multi week backcountry adventure, a weekend chasing faster cross country ski mates over the snow…