Introducing Whit in the Wild


My name is Issy Whitaker and I am a back of the pack trail runner, pretty ok mountain biker and expert at picking up new hobbies (current count is at 11). I love spending time outside, whether on a multi week backcountry adventure, a weekend chasing faster cross country ski mates over the snow or an after work run on my local trails. I am an average person with a regular job, not a gifted athlete by any means and a little too fond of the after adventure pint and chips. Sure, I don’t look like I belong on the cover of Trail Runner Magazine, but none of this stops me from having a really awesome time outside.

I started Whit in the Wild to spread the outdoor stoke amongst my fellow everyman adventurer. We may never win a trail running race or become a professional downhill mountain biker. But we can run a race or ride a downhill bike park and have an epic time doing so. I also hope to welcome new people, who may have been put off by the elite, super fit, expensive image mainstream media has made the face of outdoor adventuring. If you’d like to learn more about how Whit in the Wild came about, you can read a longer version of my story here.

Each week I’ll be posting new stories from the outdoors to inspire you to get out there. And when life gets in the way of spending time in nature, Whit in the Wild can serve as an oasis of outdoor stoke in the desert of modern life.

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One response to “Introducing Whit in the Wild”

  1. Thanks, Issy I’ve just read your amazing summary of your life’s connection with Warren, and I was very moved. Thanks again


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