The Many Loves

Some very good friends of mine asked me to do a reading at their wedding. I was very touched and wanted to write something that would be unique, honest and about love.

It was quite well received, so I thought I would publish it here so it is not lost. Also if it resonates with anyone else and they would like to read it at a special occasion, be my guest.

The Many Loves by Isobel Whitaker

There are many loves one may experience in life

The love of a best friend, a reliable stalwart. You know, unequivocally, they will be there for you, no matter the distance between you nor the time between meetings. It fills you with a quiet confidence.

The love of your family, who have accepted all of you since the beginning. They have seen every part of you, those you have kept and those you have chosen to shed along the way. Family love can come with challenges, but the deep understanding makes it endure. It will be there no matter how far you stray.

The love of a dog (or two) who will never hesitate to show just how much they love you. It bursts from them in their run to the door, body quaking with excitement at your return, even if you were only gone five minutes. Their love is so freely given, with no guarantee that it will be returned. It gives you a sense of responsibility.

But the love we are here to celebrate today is that of your partner. This love is a very good love, so good it can fill a house on the other side of the country.

A partners love is being excited to see them every single time. The knowledge that your companion will stick by you, even against their better judgement. Someone who doesn’t just think about you when making their plans, but wouldn’t want a plan that didn’t have you in it.

But not only does your partner have their own relentless and unique love for you.

They get to share all of the other loves in your life. The best friend, the family, even the dogs.

Watching your loves become theirs. That is a love you can build a life on.

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